VDTP 15,000ng Spray (Practitioners Only)

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20ml spray

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VDTP (Vitamin D Transport Protein) is a naturally occurring sterile Immunotherapy solution. It is part of the normal circulating protein mixture found in the blood of all healthy mammals. It is part of the natural albumin family of proteins. It is maintained as a precursor to be converted when required to activate macrophages within our immune system. Once activated, macrophages can break down cancer cells and other damaged cells, reducing tumors and helping clear the body of disease.

We all have VDTP within us, but those with an immune disorder and terminal illness are likely to be low in VDTP, Vitamin D and activated Macrophages.  

Research data on VDTP has been accumulating since the initial work of Prof. Nobuto Yamamoto, whilst other research groups are now unlocking the capability of this protein and its effects on the immune system. In short VDTP can be employed to promote healing from the invasion of external infectious agents and damaged cells. It can also bind actin, a breakdown product from muscles and tissues which need clearing and recycling and can also bind to oleic acid.

It is recommended that VDTP be taken as part of an overall protocol and approach to health. A clean, organic, vegan diet and the use of other supplements such as Vitamin D are also recommended to increase effectiveness.

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Our VDTP products are distributed worldwide. Shipments are made Monday – Wednesday Weekly, using various services, depending on location. 


Since VDTP is a live protein, it is highly temperature stable for a period of time, but it is highly recommended to refrigerate it as soon as possible


Please store at no less than 5°C (41F). Avoid exposing VDTP to warm or high temperatures and therefore, the lab will only ship your order in the beginning of the week. That way it will not sit over the weekend in a possibly very warm shipping depot. However, registered practitioners can place their order at any time.

Avoid exposing VDTP vials or sprays to direct sunlight or other strong light sources.  Ultraviolet light will degrade it and lessen its efficacy.  

IMPORTANT:  Due to the high value of the products included in this package, someone will need to be on-hand to receive the shipment and sign for it. Tracking information will be provided to facilitate this. 

More About Storage, Temperature Stability and Efficacy:
Because the lab staff appreciates concerns about our VDTP products losing activity during transit they have added some extra transport proteins. Each bottle contains an extra 10% Vitamin D Transport Proteins to allow for any losses over the time it takes to arrive.

The labs assays show that when left at room temperature for 14 days Vitamin D Transport Protein lost 25% activity.  We ship our VDTP products chilled. Over the first 24 hours no activity is lost. On the second day and thereafter losses will be less than 1% per day.  The reason this is lower than in the lab’s assays is because it is not exposed to daylight.

When your product arrives, the ice may have melted, this is normal.  It may feel warm.  This is OK. The protein is designed to live in the body and therefore is stable for many days at body temperature.

If you do not intend to use your VDTP right away it can be kept frozen in your freezer for at least one year without losing potency. 

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