M-oil no.4 (20ml)

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M-oil no. 4

We have developed a range of cold pressed, full spectrum, organic, pesticide and solvent free, cannabis based CBD oils for various types of cancer and our M-oil number 4 is infused with organic MCT oil. 

The potential effectiveness of cannabis oil when battling cancer is well researched. The human body is a map of connecting CB1 and CB2 receptors called the endocannabionoid system. In fact research has proven that we are born with various types of cannabinoids already in us. Its health benefits are various and long listing.

MCT oil has many health benefits. One of it’s stand out features are that it is really good for your brain and can help your body make ketones which is an energy source for your brain that doesn’t have any carbohydrates. If you have a cognitive disorder, then adding some MCT oil to your diet will help you recover cognitive abilities and can also restore memory.

Research indicates that MCT oil also helps with pain, inflammation, sleep, relaxation, arthritis and more.

The science behind MCT oil is relatively simple, but also incredibly effective. MCTs go directly from the digestive system to the bloodstream, without being digested first. This also makes MCT oil ideal for people with digestive disorders.

In our experience, this quick delivery directly into the blood stream means that the cannabis infused MCT oil effects are quicker than other fat based infusions.

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