Raw Living Spirulina

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16 oz. (1 lb.) 454g. per jar

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This pure Raw Living Spirulina (truly alive) is the freshest purest most delicious Spirulina on the planet. It is not dehydrated, heated, or processed in any way. It is not frozen, watered-down, or stored.

Our Raw Living Spirulina is harvested weekly (Mondays & Tuesdays) from our organic Florida farm and shipped directly to you within 24 hours of harvest to ensure maximum freshness and bio-availability. Our Gourmet Supreme is a super-concentrated whole living whole food. At 35 Billion Living cells per jar, it is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.

Raw Living Spirulina will generally stay whole and stable for 10-12 days in the refrigerator upon receiving. The product should be consumed within that time or frozen in single-serve ice cube trays.